Comcast Better Bring Back the YES Network and Fast

It’s November 17, 2015 and I’m casually relaxing at home watching the Brooklyn Nets take on the Atlanta Hawks. There’s nothing special about this night or the game. The Nets are a bad team who just happen to be playing a pretty decent game so I’m enjoying the rarity that is a possible win. Halftime comes along and still nothing out of the ordinary, that is until Ian Eagle comes out with the news that Comcast will be dropping the YES Network at midnight.

Excuse me?

I thought it was a joke. There’s no way a huge cable company could just flat out drop a network out of nowhere like that. I was waiting for the punch line or for there to be more context such as it’s only a rumored move and not likely to happen. I quickly did some research only to find out that this was no joke. Comcast really was getting rid of one of the biggest channels in the New York/New Jersey area.


I still couldn’t believe what I just heard. How could Comcast do this to me, to you, to all its customers? Because they don’t care if we can watch the Brooklyn Nets. Heck they don’t even care if we can watch the New York Yankees or New York City Football Club. All they care about is money.

As this article from describes, Comcast says that the viewership numbers just aren’t worth the price YES Network is demanding. You know what I say to that? BS. Bulllllllshhhhhhhhhhhhh… Not enough people watch the NEW YORK YANKEES in the New York area? The most popular team on EARTH doesn’t have a strong enough following in its own backyard? Give me a break. That is beyond ridiculous.

The timing of this whole dispute is the most obvious part of Comcast trying to gain leverage whether they refute it or not. Comcast can say the Yankees didn’t influence their decision all they want, but then why did they wait until baseball season was over before they pulled the plug? Apparently the deal between Comcast and YES ran out in the middle of the Yankees’ season but they reached agreements keeping YES on the air through October. If they didn’t care about pissing off Yankee fans, why not just pull the plug right then and there?

Because can you imagine the hell they would have gotten if all of a sudden Yankee fans were cut off mid-season? MY GOODNESS the complaints they would have gotten. As it is people are still furious, but the simple matter is many people probably don’t even realize YES Network is gone. I’m a Nets fan, but I bet a lot of people don’t watch them. YES Network isn’t in high demand during the winter. That’s why Comcast pulled this stunt then. Anybody with a brain can see that.

Well now it’s February 18 and baseball season is starting up. Spring training is right around the corner and the regular season is less than two months away. How are Yankee fans going to feel when they go to turn on the first spring training game of the year, or even worse the regular season opener, and find out the channel is no longer there?


On the other side of the spectrum, it does appear YES Network is not free of blame either. They are one of the most expensive local cable networks out there and apparently want to raise their prices. Comcast just simply refused. After cooling down a bit, I can see their point as well.

Look, whoever or whatever is to blame… I just want my Yankees and Nets and NYCFC back. The two sides should sit down, talk and hammer out an agreement. Us, the fans, are the only ones getting hurt by this feud. I’m sick of it.


About David Berger

I'm a 24-year-old sports fanatic that wanted to get back into writing. I wrote for a year at Pucks and Pitchforks covering the New Jersey Devils and really enjoyed my time. Baseball and hockey are my specialties, but I love all sports. I hope you enjoy!
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